Bistro de l'Arte Atelier is an unique project in Brasov and I make it with the help of Bistro de l'Arte. It is a programe that address the non professionals that want to experiment working behind the bar for a few hours. The main idea for this project is to build a culture for the consumers, a thing that is still missing in Romania. Through these courses, we teach people how to distinguish good drinks from bad ones, we teach them what service actually means, what is the role of the bartender, what are the bar trends, etc. The courses are taking place once a month, usually Sunday. The are realized in a workshop environment and each trainee is allowed to work behind the bar under the watchful eye of me and my colleagues. poza_proiecte
The theme varies and it changes every month. The debut was in September and was with : "Cocktails: Methods of making" and in October: "Coffee: methods and latte art."" At the end of each training session, the trainees receive a participation diploma and an ongoing written or on-line support.

C.R.F.P.A (Regional Training Center for Adults) is my second project for teaching bartenders. Invited by the administration and sustained by Ovesea Laurente I accepted to teach bar tending lessons here because I think that is very important for the students that have the very first contact with the bar world, to be led into the right direction. Even though most of the students are coming from various unemployment programs, some with bad financial status, I think that every one of them have the right at a correct education regarding the bar world. The course here is divided in theoretical sessions where the main goal is hospitality and practical sessions where the students have to learn how to maneuver bar tools and various bar tending devices. Besides these sessions, the students are sent to various locations from Brasov for gaining experience. In these places the learning process is more intense because here they experience live situations with real customers and this is new for most of them. At the end of the course, there is a written and practical exam and after graduation, the students will receive a diploma that has been authorized by "Ministerul Muncii & Ministerul Educatiei si Dezvoltarii". The diploma is valid thought the whole European Union.

Situated in the heart of Brasov, Scoala Brasoveana de Turism is one of the most old an prestigios school for the Hotel and Catering Industry. Here, there are lot of courses being taken for various jobs from the industry. Being a bar trainer at this school started two years ago at the invitation of nation renowned bartender Luca Daniel just after my bar tending course was over. Attracted by the format of the course and also by the opportunity to work along with the best in the hospitality business from Brasov, Ovesea Laurente, the decision to stay here was absolutely natural. When taking the bar tening course, the students are passing through all the steps that a bartender is required to. They get carefully selected information from the bar world: starting with alcohol and distilled spirits and finishing with attitude, hospitality and psychology.
When putted to practice, the students are getting access to the newest bar tools and ingredients from the bar industry, for making cocktails and mixed drinks. At the end of the course, there is a written and practical exam and after graduation, the students will receive a diploma that has been authorized by "Ministerul Muncii & Ministerul Educatiei si Dezvoltarii". The diploma is valid thought the whole European Union.

„Arta de a fi barman – Practical guide for the ones that want to change their lives” is the only advanced bar tending course that has ever been made in Romania. It happens every 3 months and it's gathering bartenders who are truly passionate about their craft. There is a special form that is filled by each bartender willing to participate at this course. Only after this it is decided if he /she is fit enough to participate at this unique course. It is quite intense (6 hours per day, 5 days in total) and after it's over, our students don’t get a diploma! (How about that?) In exchange they get a .... (I will let you find this by yourself). For more details and upcoming courses, please visit the "Courses"  menu!


„Drink Design & Cocktail Styling” is the first ever seminar on this topic held in Romania. During this seminar, students will learn more about bar science, bar philosophy and the art of the garnish. This is the first seminar from a series of 3 that will occur once a year. The other two upcoming seminars will be bar related also, and their theme will be announced shortly. Until then, you can watch the photos from the last seminar here! At the end, the students will receive a token that will grant them access to...well, I think it is best to find out for yourself! For upcoming seminars please visit the „Courses” menu!

Cocktail Trivia it is not a cocktail book! Think of it as a guide! A guide where you can check your knowledge. It has 50 quizzes, each one consisting of 20 questions, but be careful, there are trick questions also! :> If you do not know the answer to one of them, don’t get discouraged! We didn’t know many of the questions that are here when we started to bar tend a few years ago….

No-one knows the answers, that’s why it is called learning! And this is the main purpose of this book! To get your engine started! We provided the answers for all 1000 questions but don’t just give up and look them up. Research first!

After you complete all the quizzes, there is one more left! “The ultimate quiz” has only 10 questions but be advised, there are killer questions! We selected what we thought that was the hardest to master and put it there! You cannot find the answers for this quiz so this is on you! If you know the answers, send us a message on our Facebook page and you will receive a little surprise!

Simple as that!