Bar Re.View Interview #1 – Robert Marshall

Hi everyone!

We are ready with our first ever re.view interview! This is the first episode from this series, where we would feature some amazing human beings with a lot of experience in the bar world.

Our first guest is Robert Marshall, brand ambassador for Remy Martin here in Romania who is involved in a lot of activities. For instance, singing, acting, doing voiceovers and he was also the main character in a wine documentary.

He is very passionate about wines and spirits, a passion that led him to travel to Romania and “over welcome” his stay for almost 14 years now. 😊

He is a truly interesting guy and I would highly recommend to watch the whole episode which it's almost an hour and forty minutes long.

During this time, we’ve talked about:

* his background in arts

* his role within the Remy Cointreau group

* his projects and brand activities during these years

* Metaxa and some of the secrets behind this Greek spirit

* Cointreau and the Margarita cocktail

* The Remy Martin cognac family & heritage

* general things about bartending

* the moment when he was mistaken with Prince Charles’s son by a Romanian lady

You can see/listen to the podcast here:



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