Bar personalities to follow in 2021 – part one

Hi guys! Before you start jumping around with questions like: “hey, why is X not on the list? What about y?” etc., please do rest assured that this is not like a top or something like that. It is a list which will grow bigger and bigger each month, because I’m following a lot of people from the bar industry who are doing great stuff for the bar community. I want to feature many more bartenders, and each month I will present new people, so please don’t worry.

If you have any suggestions, do please send them my way so that I can check them out. In no particular order, here are the first people I would suggest to follow, if you are from the bar world. As you can see, I didn’t say bartenders, because not all of them are (still) bartenders, even so, their input to our industry deserves at least a shutout here.

Remy Savage

Remy Savage, this mad scientist, with a degree in philosophy, is known to the bar community for a lot of things. His creative mind, his different approach for making drinks, his “solution” to our “lime problem” and his recently opened bar are just some of the characteristics that makes him stand out from the crowd. Don’t get fooled by his lack of hair, this is one genius mdfk <3

Sean Finter

I first ever heard about Sean Finter in one of Angus Winchester’s many seminars when he was talking about Barmetrix and bar management per general. Well, it’s no use for me to even try to make a proper description for him, because frankly I cannot. He has accomplished a lot of things into the bar world, that to be honest, his accolades won’t fit here.

What I would suggest, is to start following him and you will find great information and perhaps some solutions to your everyday drawbacks.

The Schofield brothers (Daniel & Joe)

No, I am not referring to the Scofield brothers from “Prison Break”. Even though they did not act in a movie (at least to my knowledge) these guys have the same type of cleverness.

I first heard about them when they were in Singapore and made quite a noise with their creativity and their way of conducting themselves.

Now they are up to another adventure, which is the opening of their own bar. Situated in Manchester, “Schofield’s” will not be an ordinary bar, because let’s face it, they are not ordinary bartenders, which is why they made it into this list.

Kristoff Vandebeele

Funny thing is that I’ve met Kristoff during a few years ago. After the convention, I went for a stroll near the seaside and he was there practicing. Unfamiliar to him, we had a friend in common and we started to chat. I got some shots with him and that was it. I got his Facebook and since then I always follow his work.

Man, I never seen someone so determined like him and whenever you see him, he is always practicing. The good thing with the pandemic when you are a flair bartender is that you can practice, practice, practice and then practice some more. Kudos to you Kristoff! I see great things ahead of you!

Daniyel Jones

Do you know why people call him “Mr. T”?

You would say, yes, because he looks like Mr. T, who was on the television 20 years ago.

Well, even though you may be right, he does look like him, but that Is not it.

It comes from Mr. Thank you. Have you even attended one of his seminars? If not, I suggest you go on soon, because the first world that will come from his mouth will be: thank you! Thank you to all the bartenders who are supporting Angostura, who are trying it, who are making cocktails with it, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you… Yes, he is this kind of a man, which is probably why people love him so much…

I think it is our turn to say thank you to you too, Daniyel for your ongoing passion, enthusiasm and for giving us constantly a reason to smile.

Tim Etherington Judge

I already had an interview with Tim via phone (you can find it here) where you can find a lot of information (deep, personal) about him so we won’t focus on that now. What I would like to concentrate on is “Healthy Hospo”, an organization made by bartenders, for bartenders, for their wellbeing. We live in a crazy, fast-paced life and we all have our coping mechanisms and their job is to offer us support in case we find ourselves “lost”. Great work, Tim and we are really grateful for all that you are doing for the hospitality industry.

Bartrender TV

This incredible bar couple formed by Ivan Usov and Ollya Sabanina, known on the internet as “Bartrender TV” are all over the place. You can see them on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, far and wide. I really do like their creativity and their way of approaching their videos that are very fresh, captivating and last and not least, educational.

I really do appreciate “instagramable videos” from the bar world but many of them lack something. I want to be entertained, that is for sure, but I want to learn something also, I want to be educated and I think this incredible duo has nailed it in this chapter.

Jason Litrell

“Bartender as a business”. Did you know that this is the first book written in over 150 years where we get insightful information on “how to be a bartender” and how to approach bartending from a business point of view?

The last book that I’ve read on this topic was the one written by Harry Johnson.  Well, this gentleman, Jason Litrell, is the one who wrote it with a total, fresh, different perspective on our craft, on our job, our business and most importantly it is UP TO DATE.

I always told everyone: we need to be better persons first, (in as many domains as we could) then better bartenders. We need to understand everything that revolves around our job, not just cocktails and spirits, and this book is pretty much about this subject, plus a lot of other helpful insights.

This is it for now, do make sure to check all of these people up and I will come shortly with another list of bar personalities that I follow and that are pushing the envelope within our industry!

Thanks a bunch,

Mihai Fetcu a.k.a Education Mike

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