Monthly Archives: May 2020


Hello again! I've pointed out that this will be a long interview indeed! Therefore, I’ve left a few days in between so that you could have enough time to process all the information, which is a lot! Philippe, I want to echo my appreciation because you haven't kept anything to yourself! As previously mentioned, this…
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Interview of the month: Philippe Mille – part one [ENG]

Hello! If you are not from Europe or if you don’t work in the spirits business, you probably haven’t heard about Philippe Mille. I didn’t either untill couple of years ago when our paths crossed and since then we are in constant contact. One of the reasons is that we „kinda” work together in some…
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Rookie Series: Codrin Boicu

Salutare! Sunt foarte mulţi barmani printre noi care muncesc, sunt cinstiţi, sunt pasionaţi şi nu vorbeşte nimeni despre ei! Am văzut situaţia aceasta de foarte multe ori, când cei tineri, nu au loc în „spotlight”, din diverse motive. Ei bine, noi aici la Bar D.O.M.E, ne-am gândit să luăm o piatră şi să spargem "acel…
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