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Mihai Fetcu

was born in 1988 in Brasov and grew driven by his intrisec traits that helped him become the charismatic bartender he is today: dynamism, perseverance and an all around positive spirit. After finishing his studies, Mihai felt an irresistible attraction towards the heart of any establishment - the bar. While most of us felt at ease sitting at the table and tasting various liquors, Mihai was planning for a big step towards preparing them. For those of you who want to find out about how Mihai became one of the most talented and appreciated bartenders in the world, here is a short story.
Attracted by the impressive stance of the bar and its towering presence in every establishment, Mihai started learning from the well versed people in this field. Basic bartending classes were the starting point for all the knowledge he was to accumulate. He continued with training programs. First he took on the barista stage, then followed those with medium difficulty in mixology and then he took onto professional bartending, successfully graduating from all classes offered by bartending agencies in Romania. His hunger for knowledge couldn't be kept inside the country's borders, so Mihai started the international courses on professional development. Specializing came naturally, reaching all essential endpoints: attitude, ingredients, innovation.
Studying behind the bar is like painting under the floorboard - it's beautiful and honorable, but you are the only one who can enjoy the work. Thus, since 2008, Mihai set his path for the bar, armed with ongrowing experience. He prepared more cocktails than anyone can count and shared his commitment with anyone who tasted the drink prepared by him.
The oncoming "Mmmm"-s and "Aaaa"-s from his customers may not be the most eloquent for this story, although they exist. Therefore we better speak of the competitions he took part in. The accomplishment he is most proud of is taking the 1st place at Bols Around the World 2012 in Romania. He also came in 1st at Swizzle Masters 2012 in the Tequila category and in the same competition for the 2013 edition both in the Gin and Irish Whiskey categories. In the profile competitions he also sat on the other side of the bench, joining the jury for 2011 Flair For a Life next to Luca Valentin and Sorin Iorgu and for Police Flair Challenge 2012.
Presently Mihai is rising on the professional scale, teaching those with the same calling towards bartending. He holds lectures and trainings for workshop programs for raising skills and accumulating knowledge for the bartenders who want to raise their bars.
For those of you who want to be like Mihai, his recipe seems easy to follow: study, exercise and experiment. There is one more thing - passion. And for this, look for Mihai where he feels at his best - behind the bar - and ask him for a signature cocktail; then let yourselves swept away by the dedication that only an authentic bartender puts into every prepared drink.

Written by: Denisa Fãtu

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www.adihadean.ro Tatratea 1883 - Philbert Routin Romania  Grandis Project


MIHAI FETCU | BARTENDER | 0040.731.728.032

How do I communicate?

In the real world... I am fluent in English, both, speaking and writing. Talking with me, will be as pleasant as being on the Titanic.
Also, I speak quite well Spanish, therefore I feel that the Spanish soaps have marked my childhood...

On a computer... I can operate the P.O.S system and I do have over three years experience in Expresoft and Ghidushul.
Moreover, I can operate Microsoft Windows and Linux in the same manner and I have knowledge of Adobe Reader plus Photoshop.
In addition to that, I can operate in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

work experience

my professional background

Centrul Regional de Formare Profesionala al Adultilor
Centrul Regional de Formare Profesionala al Adultilor

Str. Poienelor Nr.5, Brasov As in Brasov's Tourism school, here, I am the principal lecturer for the students, the only difference is that on this course, students came from the Job Center. Towards the end of the course, students will have to take a written exam plus a practice test. In addition to that, after the students pass their exams, they will eligible for a Diploma with European credits....

Scoala Brasoveana de Turism
Scoala Brasoveana de Turism

Str. Nicolae Balcescu Nr. 18, Brasov Being in the heart of town, Brasov's school of Tourism is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in Romanian Tourism. I am the principal lecturer for the barman's course. Here, the student are taught all the essentials for becoming a professional bartender. They have full access to an abundance of information, from alcohol to own attitude, hospitality or psychology. They can practice in a totally professional atmosphere, having the newest tools and ingredients for making cocktails or mixing drinks....

Hockey Pub
Hockey Pub

Str. Nicolae Bălcescu nr. 12, Brasov    Typical english public house. Classic drinks, modern, reinterpretations, signature cocktails, complimented by a long list of local and foreign beers....

Bistro de l`arte
Mixologist barkeep
Bistro de l`arte

Classic French bistro. Unique menu in Brasov, classic drinks, modern ones, own signatures, group drinks, tiki, cocktail of the week. By far, the best place regarding cocktails and mixed drinks in town. Everything is in absolute harmony with the extreme diverse list of local wines....

Ramada Hotel
Ramada Hotel

Str. Calea Bucuresti Nr.13, Brasov, Romania Lobby Bar. Full service. Diverse menu, over 88 different brands, along an abundance of Romanian wines and foreign ones also. Black tie as dress code. My first job....




Constantin Brancoveanu
Constantin Brancoveanu

Theoretical Highschool in Brasov, Romania...

University Transilvania of Brasov
University Transilvania of Brasov

University "Transilvania" of Brasov, Romania at the department of "Language and Literatures" with specialization in "American Studies"...


Courses, Certificates and Awards


Certificate of Completing Service Basics & Front Office Operations (made at A.H.A - American Hospitality Acadamy)
Certificate of qualification for "Bartender" (made at Scoala Brasoveana de Turism Brasov)
Certificate of qualification for "Maitre d hotel" (made at Scoala Brasoveana de Turism Brasov)
Certificate of qualification for "Trainer Lvl 1" (made at Scoala Brasoveana de Turism Brasov)
Certificate of qualification for English Course


Presentation "Monin" - led by Ionut Frangulea & Alexandre Lapierre (Monin Brand Ambassadors)
Presentation " Monin , Perrier & Hennesy Remixed" - led by Ionut Frangulea (Monin Brand Ambassador)
Presentation " True" - led by Costin Bucur (Exquisite Bar Solutions Manager) & Luca Valentin (Flair World Champion)
Presentation " Jose Cuervo " - led by Andrei Gusidi ( Diageo Reserve Ambassador Romania )
Presentation "Heineken" - led by Marius Gogoasa (Exquisite Bar Solutions Manager) & Ionut Ivanov
Presentation "The Martini Revolution and Cocktail Renaissance - Where We are Today" - led by Anistatia Miller & Jared Brown (Mixellany founders and cocktail hystorians)
Presentation "Jagermeister Moments" - led by Gary Regan, (founder of Ardent Spirits) Helmut Adam (organizer Bar Convent Berlin) & Nils Bose (Master Distiler Jagermeister)
Presentation "Retro Chic - Global Trends" - led by Angus Winchester (global ambassador "Tanqueray Gin", director "Barmetrix" and founder of "Alconomics"), Arnd Henning, Heisen Ber Jachmann & Harry Glockler ( Reserve World Class 2012 finalists)
Presentation "Sipsmith: The Revival of Gin and Gin's History" - led by Jared Brown (founder of Mixellany) & Sam Galsworthy ( founder of Sipsmith Gin)
Presentation " How To Lose A Cocktail Competition! - Experiences of A Cocktail Judge" - led by Ian Burrell (Global Rum Ambassador)
Presentation "Ron Zacapa: Theater Serves above the Clouds" - led by Mario Navarro (Zacapa global ambassador) & Marian Beke (Manager Nightjar)
Presentation "Cocktail Naming - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" - led by Angus Winchester (global ambassador "Tanqueray Gin", director "Barmetrix" and founder of "Alconomics") & Philip Duff (founder of Liquid Solutions)
Presentation "Bombay Flavour Experience" - led by Raj Nagra (Bombay Sapphire global ambassador )
Presentation "Behind bars with Dushan Zaric - What Really Defines a Good Speakeasy Bar " - led by Dushan Zaric (founder of Macao Trading Inc & Employees Only)
Presentation "World Class 2014 - Kick Off" - led by Alex Kratena (Head Bartender Artesian Bar, Langham Hotel)
Presentation "Spice of life: The history, mystery and intrigue of the Spice Route" - led by Ted Carducci
Presentation "Costly Profits" led by Jim Meehan (founder of PDT New York)
Presntation "The Modern Tradition: The New Golden Age of Mixology - a full immersion in the world of vermouth" -led by Giuseppe Gallo (Global Brand Ambassador Martini & Rossi and Simone Caporale, Artesian Bar, Langham Hotel)
Presentation "The World of American Whiskey" - led by Chris Morris (Woodford Reserve Master Distiller )
Presentation "Around the World with Bitter and Sweet: How Drinking Cultures Experience Flavours Differently" - led by Philip Duff (founder Liquid Solutions)
Presentation "Poetry, magic, nonsense, intuition and taste - a deconstruction of Hendrick's Gin" - led by David Piper (Global Ambassador Hendrick's Gin)
Presentation "How to loose a cocktail competition: part 2" - led by Ian Burrel (Global Rum Ambassador)
Presentation "Secrets of World's Best Bars" - led by David Cordoba (Bacardi Global Ambassador), Steffen Lohr & Jacob Briars
Presentation "Behind the bar at the Dead Rabit - Irish Shenanigans" - led by Jack MacGarry & Sean Muldoon
Presentation "Spirits Start Tips - How to create a spirits brand" - led by Alex Kammerling, Stephan Berg, Alexander Stein, Asa Caap, Leonardo Leuci
Presentation "World Class Reserve by Diageo" - led by Andrei Gusidi ( Diageo Reserve Ambassador Romania )
Presentation "World Class Reserve by Diageo" - led by Andrei Gusidi (Brand Ambasador Diageo Romania)
Presentation "Versatilitea of Tatratea" led by Marian Beke (Manager Nightjar)
Presentation "Ichi-go Ichi-e: the secret behind Japanese hospitality" led by Stanislav Vadrna (Founder of Analog Bar Institute)
Presentation "Torino-Milano One Way" led by Mario Mahjoub & Giuseppe Gallo (Brand Ambassador Martini & Rossi)
Presentation "Liquid Walnuts - the new California Walnuts Cocktail Collection" led by Javier by las Muelas (founder Dry Martini Barcelona)
Presentation "Technique Driven Cocktails" led by Jeffrey Morgenthaler (Manager Clyde Common)
Presentation "How to become the world's best resturant" led by Naren Young
Presentation "Hospitability a World Class experience" led by Simone Caporale (Artesian Londra)
Presentation "7 habbits of the world's best bars" led by Jacob Briars, Richard Man, Steven Schneider, Zdenek Kastanek, Cihan Anadologlu, Jorg Meyer (Bar Legends)
Presentation "Behind the bar at: Pouring Ribbons" led by Joaquim Simo
Presentation "The Healthy, the Wealthy, the Wise" led by Angus Winchester (Founder Barmetrix)
Presentation "Fundamentals of Flavors" held by Andrei Gusidi (Diageo Romania) & Aida Ashor (World Class Romania Bar Champion)

Presentation „World Class 2016 – Fruits & Plants” held by Tim-Etherington Judge (Bulleit Global Ambassador) & Paul Sfârlea (World Class Winner 2015 Romania)
Presentation & tasting of „Jameson Irish Whiskey” held by Biran Nation, Head Distiller Jameson
Presentation „Sikaru” held by Mr. Arnaud, Head Brewmaster for „Sikaru”


Training of specialization in rum based cocktails (made at "Barmania" Bar Academy with in colaboration with Havana Club International Bartending School)
Training "Professional Performance Bartending Training" (made at "Exqusite Bar Solutions Agency" ; led by Luca Valentin & Ionut Ivanov)
Training "Bartending works 2011 - Shake, Serve & Excel" (sustained by Heinring Distribution - "De Kuyper" importer; led by Marius Gogoasa - Exquisite Bar Solutions Manager)
Training "Complete Bar Training" - Intensive training at an international level for professional bartenders led by Marius Gogoasa ("Exquisite Bar Solutions Manager)
Seminar "Atitude, Inovation, Ingredients , The Art of Beeing a Bartender" - led by Angus Winchester (global ambassador for "Tanqueray Gin", director "Barmetrix" and founder of "Alconomics")
Seminar "About Alcohol and Social Responsability - led by Bogdan Nicolae (Trainer Barmania) and Diana Klusch (Director Corporate Affairs - Ursus Breweries)
Training "The Famous Grouse, Highland Park & Macallan) - led by Svetoslav Hadjikov (area director CIS & Eastern Europe)
Training "Alexandrion - Mix & Tell" - led by Bogdan Ilie (Trainer National Bartenders Academy)
Training "Barista 1st Level " - led by Costin Bucur ( Exquisite Bar Solutions Manager)
Training "Barista 2nd Level" - led by Adrian Caradeanu ( Manager "Champions Sports Bar JW Marryot and Exquisite Bar Solutions Trainer")
Training "B.A.R Romania" - led by Bebi Oprea (Bar Academy Romania Manager )
Training " Modern Mixology " - led by Marian Beke (Manager Nightjar )
Training "Work, ethics & mixology techniques" - led by Jamie Boudreau (founder of Canon - Whiskey & Bitters Emporium)
Training "Mixing Drinks with Flair" - led by Ionut Ivanov ( Exquisite Bar Solutions) and Luca Valentin (Flair World Champion)
Seminar "The art of conversation, atitude and mixology techniques" led by Stanislav Vadrna (founder of Analog Bar Institute)
"Motivational bartending and mixology" training led by Costin Gache
"Cocktail Trends" training led by Kenji Jesse (Smirnoff Global Ambasador)
Training "Balance your life" led by Gary Regan (Bar Guru)

Havana Club Masterclass held by Anabel Hernandez Gomez (Brand Ambassador Havana Club)
Seminar "Mezan Rum" held by Warren Bobrow (Brand Ambassador Mezan)
Seminar "Black Bottle" whiskey held by Mal Spence (International Brand Ambassador Black Bottle)
Seminar "Italian Drinkology" held by Leonardo Leuci (Jerry Thomas Speakeasy)
Seminar "Himkok" held by Monica Berg (Manager "Himkok")
Seminar "The Clumsies" held by Kyritsis Vasilis, Bakoulis Nikolaos, Ntafopoulos Dimitrios (The Clumsies, Atena)
Seminar "Mace-inspirations behind the drinks" held by Nico de Soto (Mace, New York)
Training "The Dale DeGroff Experience" held by Dale DeGroff a.k.a Cocktail King (Bar Guru)


Alexandrion - Mix & Tell - Mixology, Local Round - 3rd place
Bols Around The World 2012 - National Round - 1st place (+ qualification to the international semi-finals)
Swizzle Masters - 1st place, June 2012, Tequila Round (+ qualification to the international semi-final)
Finlandia Cup 2012 - National Round
Bols Around The World 2013 - National Finalist
Swizzle Masters - 1st place, June 2013, Gin Round
Swizzle Masters - 1st place, July 2013, Irish Whiskey Round (+ qualification to the international semi-final)
Swizzle Masters - 1st place, March 2014, "Simplistic Vodka" round
Swizzle Masters - 2nd place, April 2014, "Feminine Cognac" round
Swizzle Masters - 1st place, September 2014, "Decadence Absinthe" round
Swizzle Masters - 3rd place, October 2014, "Tequila, salt of the earth" round
Swizzle Masters - 1st place, January 2015, "Botanical Gin" round
Embrace The Bitterness Romania 2015 – 3rd place
Swizzle Masters – 1st place, Octomber 2015, „Hot Rum Cocktails” round
Swizzle Masters – 3rd place overall 2015
Angostura Global Cocktail Competition 2017 – 3rd place (Est-European Final)
Giffard West Cup 2017 – 1st place (National Round)
Marathon Competition 2017 – 1st place (Becherovka Round)
Marathon Competition 2017 – 1st place (Gin Round)
Diplomatico World Tournament 2017 – 3rd place (National Round)
Barmaniada 2016 5– Mixology Stage – 3rd place (National round)

Other professional activities

Competition judged

Flair For a life (2011) (with Luca Valentin & Sorin Iorgu)
Police Flair Challenge (2012) (with Durchi Ionut)
Barmaniada Mixology Competition (2013) (with Stanislav Vadrna, Bogdan Nicolae, Costin Gache, Matt Highley, Marjan Kukuneshosky)
Barmaniada Speed Service Competition (2014) (with Alexandru Tudor, Bogdan Nicolae, Mihai Ungureanu)
Barmaniada Mixology Competition (2014) (with Alexandru Tudor, Bogdan Nicolae, Nur Abed Kader)
Winner of "The Irish Mermaid Cocktail Challenge" 2014

Media appearences

27.04.2012 - Buna Ziua Brasov (written & on-line edition)
Ziare.RO (On-line edition)
Brasov.RO (On-line edition)
"Anual Manual For Bartenders 2012" by Gary Regan [Mindfull Bartending, pg 72-73-74] July 2012 - "The Spirits Business" Magazine, nr 32, pg. 55-56
August 2012 - "The Spirits Business" Magazine, nr 33, pg. 62-63
July 2013 - "The Spirits Business" Magazine
"The Negroni - a gaz regan notion" by Gary Regan, pg 91
02.11.2013 - "My Hobby - with Silvana Enache" (local TV show)
13.02.2013 - www.ziare.ro - "Cel mai "vechi" cocktail din Romania va fi prezentat sambata aceasta la Brasov"
15.02.2013 "Buna Ziua Brasov" (Writtend & on-line edition) : Cel mai "vechi" cocktail din Romania va fi prezentat sambata aceasta la Brasov"
17.02.2014 "Buna Ziua Brasov" (written & on-line edition, pag.12): "D'vine - Istorie intr-un pahar"
30.04.2014 Www.nickdrinks.com : "Featured International Bartender: Mihai Fetcu"
11.2014 www.listentotheice.com & www.drinkwire.liquor.com (Winner of the Irish Mermaid Cocktail Challenge)
11.2014 www.gazregan.com (Romanian bartenders changing the world)

01.2015 - The Spirit's Business
10.2015 - The Spirit's Business
24 Fun Braşov (All editions from Octomber 2015-Present)
www.DrinkingCup.net (March & February)


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